Maverick A Free Speech Social Media APP

What is Maverick?

Maverick is a free speech social media app targeting all users. Maverick will be taking up a tall task of competing with big tech. Primary competitors will be a mix of Facebook and Twitter. Maverick will initially have the basic functions of any social media app. Those features include a live feed (chronological), followers/following, likes, reposting another post that a user posts and notifications.

Future Features

Features that will be added in the future include an edit button, a central hub to get relevant news, and more.

Why Maverick?

Maverick will not censor conservative voices for the sake of censoring unpopular opinions that veer away from the main stream media. However, some content will be censored such as anything illegal and nudity. The goal of censoring is not to discourage discussion but to take down content that is extreme.

Biggest Problem with Big Tech

The biggest problem with big tech social media is that they currently hold a monopoly. Right now there are not any relevant competitors to Facebook and Twitter. This gives them the ability to do anything they want without any repercussions. With the right competitor, social media will be giving all people a voice again.

Initial Specs

Writing about the economy and stocks. Keeping Wall Street accountable. As the old Wall Street saying goes “Often wrong, never in doubt.”

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